Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gilroy: New Moviemaking Capital?

Producer Jordan Foley and a Hollywood crew of 50 came to Gilroy a month ago to find a place that was bleak. Instead, they fell in love a city they say is better to film in than Hollywood. They spent weeks filming the movie Desolate around Gilroy, a dystopian story about life after a severe drought, sort of a “Mad Max” in the South Valley. They found the city randomly, because director Frederick Cipoletti’s wife drove through it on her way from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. They wanted brown hills and open fields, a place where a few survivors battled with villains who wanted to steal land, kidnap women and kill anyone who stands in their way. What they also found was a city they loved. “I can’t say how amazing Gilroy was,” said Foley, 37, who has produced two other movies, Puncture, starring Chris Evans and The Open Road with Justin Timberlake and Jeff Bridges. “This is the best experience I’ve ever had working in any town anywhere. There’s a lot more going on in the city than we could have imagined. This movie wouldn’t have happened if not for the people of Gilroy. I’m almost afraid to tell people how amazing it was because I want to come back without the big studios coming up and changing everything.” More

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